Friday, May 16, 2008

The Thorn Bird

The thorn bird (1988)

Inside of me,
there is so much of myself, I have no place for you to rest,
with vain hopes, there is no place you can feel comfortable.

Inside of me,
the darkness I can’t manage steals the place you can rest,
the sadness I can’t overcome is like a thick thorny forest.

When the wind blew,
dried branches were rubbing against each other, crying.
The little tired birds which had come to rest, flew away, hurt by thorns.

When the wind blew,
I was lonely and distressed, so I sang sad songs for many days.
Inside of me, there is so much of myself, I have no place for you to rest.


Deokgyu Ha (1958 - )

He was born in Sokcho, east coast of Korea, which has beautiful mountains and sea. The natural background and his childhood memories are one of the most popular materials of his poems. When he was young, he had a gift to paint. But after graduating from a college, he started his career as a musician. He made a duet and had several albums. ‘The Thorn Bird’ is the title song of his album, ‘Forest’(1988), and it has been loved widely as a song and a poem until now.
As a christian, he produced many religious music, and he played an important role to introduce CCM(Contemporary Christian Music) in Korea.
His poem is usually related with the pure soul, his childhood, the nature and he tried to purify the sick, materialistic, and contaminated society through his poems.

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