Sunday, December 28, 2008

서른 즈음에 / At the time of Thirty - Kim Kwang Seok

서른 즈음에 - 김광석

또 하루 멀어져 간다 내뿜은 담배연기처럼
작기만 한 내 기억 속엔 무얼 채워 살고 있는지

점점 더 멀어져 간다 머물러 있는 청춘인 줄 알았는데
비어가는 내 가슴속엔 더 아무것도 찾을 수 없네

계절은 다시 돌아 오지만 떠나간 내 사랑은 어디에
내가 떠나 보낸 것도 아닌데 내가 떠나 온 것도 아닌데

조금씩 잊혀져 간다 머물러 있는 사랑인 줄 알았는데
또 하루 멀어져 간다
매일 이별하며 살고 있구나

At the time of Thirty - Kim Kwang Seok

One more day is passing away like vanishing smoke in thin air
In my smaller mind, what am I cherishing?

It's fading away though the spring always remains
In my hollow mind I have no more things to find

I am here, living through the returning seasons
But where is my missing love staying
I neither let it go nor left it

It's forgotten though love always remains
One more day is passing away
I'm living through the days of good bye

Kim Kwang Seok, the singer of this song, commented on this song ;

Everybody has burden of life as heavy as their age.

During the time of teenager, they are like a mirror. They reflect their parents, teachers, and friends and imitate them.

After turn into 20's, they are facing another world and try many different things to find themselves. They have many opportunities, and hope either that is subjective or objective. They start something new with confidence, experience failure as well. However, they are still like a mirror. If something stimulated them, they bounce it back or collapse themselves because can't stand for it. They learn about sadness, sorrow, frustration, so if something similar happened, they try to deal with it or just accept it.

The time flies away, when they are aware that, they already turn into 30's. Well, they realize their limits of abilities, and feel like nothing exciting or interesting in their life but boring or being oppressed. Most of them in that age feel in the same way...

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